Lucy Waterhouse


The Edge, Bath

ACCRETE is a short dance film by Lucy Waterhouse based on Dr Carolin Villforth’s and Dr Stijn Wuyts’ research on the reactivation of black holes. Waterhouse was commissioned by The Edge and the University of Bath to collaborate with the University’s researchers in astrophysics to make a piece for the Visions of Science exhibition, shown at the Andrew Brownsword Gallery (15 September – 15th October 2018).

The film depicts how outside interference can destabilise the galaxy of a dormant black hole, sending gas spiralling inwards towards its centre where the black hole sits. As the gas is driven towards the centre, it forms a luminous spinning accretion disk that feeds the now active black hole.

Directed and choreographed by Lucy Waterhouse
Filmed by Harry Plowden
Music: ‘Prolog’ by Tractor’s Revenge, ‘Taiko Improv’ by Japanese Taiko Drums
Simulation: Phil Hopkins Research Group